Transportation is one of the biggest world wide industries and in todays connected world we are using products that are made halfway around the world and shipped by trains, ships, cars or airplanes to our local store were we buy them without even thinking where those thing were made. All this transportation uses up a lot of energy and you need a lot of fuel to power all those transports that carry these things across the world. And that is why many businesses often take out loans to cover their massive fuel costs and repay those loans after they have gotten their profit from those transportation jobs.


And even excluding businesses and all those shipment costs we as consumers also use a lot of fuel for transportation using it for fun, work or moving things from one place to some other location. We have created cities and infrastructure that can be effectively used only if we have our personal cars or if we are using public transportation. And because fuel costs are not as cheap as they were 10 years ago then many people are searching for ways to finance these costs. And one option is to take on credit to buy the fuel that you need but some people feel that this is not the right course of action to take. And that is why I want to examine some ways where you could use online loans to buy fuel:

  1. Business – The best way to use fuel on credit is for doing business because when you are creating a profit you can repay back the loan with that additional interest without any problems and you can still profit from this transaction. There are many businesses that need a lot of fuel to do their services or transport their goods and if you are one the owner of one of those businesses then I think taking on debt should not be an issue for you.
  2. Making money – If you are not a business owner but you get an offer where you can make a profit by transporting some goods or people then taking on debt is not an issue as long as you get a bigger profit than your interest payments on that loan. If we take the average online loan that has an interest rate of 10% then, a job where you need to fill your car with petrol worth 100Lari should make you at least 10 Lari profit to be worth doing.
  3. Essential transportation – If you need to drive to work, or do some essential shopping then taking out a loan to fill up your gas tank should not be a big problem because you can’t just not go to work or get without food for a month. But keep in mind that you will still be loosing money in the long run and that is why you should do this only if you really need to.
  4. Entertainment – Entertainment is one of the biggest categories where people take on debt but it is also the worst thing to do because if you take on debt by filling your car with petrol but then just drive around showing off your car then you will be disappointed when the time comes and you will need to repay that money.
  5. Alternative fuels – If you have a car that drives on electricity or biofuel then you can definitely take out a loan to power your transport because these cars usually use less energy and it is cheaper. If we compare electrical cars with regular diesel or gasoline cars then we can see that electricity costs for driving are several time cheaper so a loan for transportation will be much cheaper.

Fuel is basically an energy resource that we transform into motion to transport ourselves and the goods that we need so keep that in mind when you are thinking about getting a loan for filling up your car. And if you absolutely must then the best choice is to take out a zero interest loan where you will have to pay back the same amount that you borrowed.