Money is a crucial part of everyones life and without money we can’t imagine how the modern society would function. But money or the lack of it can cause some serious family arguments that can lead to an erosion of trust and ultimately to a divorce. When things are going smoothly then usually people are quite calm and can endure various character differences but when the pressure is on and people need to suffer trough harsh times then usually various arguments start to come up that can lead to a complete separation or divorce. If we all would be rational then things like these should not happen because we would be able to understand that money is just a tool and there will always be times when earning money will be more difficult but there will also be times when money will be plentiful. But we are not that rational and when times are good we always want everything to be even better and better but when the conditions are rough our feeling get stronger and we can’t seem to control out anger and rage. That is why during economic recessions usually the divorce rate is much higher but when there is an economic boom then there are the most weddings and everyone seems to have found the love of their life.


In the modern world every 7 to 10 years there is an economic crises where for a couple of years economic expansion slows down or even contracts and the unemployment rates skyrocket. But when everything goes back to the norm then everyone is eager to sped money and an economic boom starts to slowly form and that leads to another crisis continuing the cycle. And so far nothing we have tried has worked in mitigating these boom and bust cycles so everyone that looks back to the history should learn from it and create a surplus savings that will be used in the economic downturn. But individuals and families usually don’t want to set aside money for savings even when there is a lot of surplus. And in the modern times people are usually living over their means and taking on much larger and larger debts. But when the time comes to pay them back then it can get painful and the first ones that suffer are family members because that excess stress usually is discharger with anger and violence on anyone that is close by.

Of course there are those that say relationships that can’t survive hard times are not worth saving but in my opinion people just need to think more long term and when that individual financial situations has been taken care of then usually relationships are less stressful and can last for much longer. So next time when you get some additional money think about how can you save it and not immediately spend it all because inevitably there will come some harder times and if you are not prepared your family may be the first thing that will be lost.