The Company

Moneza is a financial company which is founded in 30th of March, 2016. The scope of company is a lending – it issues a money in different amounts, which are known as fast loans. The aim of Moneza is to offer fast and easy money for its customers.
Moneza is a subsidiary company of TWINO. TWINO is a private marketplace lender, which operates in 7 different countries. TWINO was previously known as Finabay, which started its operations in 2009 in Latvia, and since then it has originated over EUR 240 millions in unsecured consumer loans. In 2015, TWINO launched an investment marketplace, offering investors from whole Europe the opportunity to earn premium returns from investments in unsecured consumer loans, which are originated by TWINO’s subsidiary companies in Georgia, Poland, and Denmark.


The client can individually determine a desired amount of loan, not exceeding the maximum amount. The maximum repayment term is 24 months or 2 years, but the client has rights to repay the loan before the repayment term. Client’s loan application is evaluated very fast – usually it takes about 60 minutes or less, therefore, the client can get the money almost immediately when it is needed.

You can get the loan from Moneza with four easy steps:

  • Choose the amount of loan and the repayment term;
  • Fill the application form, stating personal data;
  • State your bank account in which you want to receive the loan;
  • Wait for the loan in your bank account within 60 minutes or less.

You can fill the application form and get the loan if:

  • You are a citizen of Georgia;
  • You are 20 – 63 years old;
  • You have personal and active bank account;
  • You have regular and stable monthly income.

Filling the application form, you will have to state such information as:

  • Your personal code;
  • The number of your bank account;
  • The serial number of your passport of ID card;
  • Your phone number, e-mail address, and place of residence;
  • Other credit commitments, for example, other loan or leasing etc.

You can make credit payments using:

  • Fast payment terminals;
  • The Internet;
  • Online banking;
  • Bank branch.


The location of Moneza is Tsereteli Avenue N118, 10th Pavilion, Tbilisi, Georgia. The working time of company is from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Monday to Saturday, but starting from Saturday’s 02:00 PM and on Sunday transactions are not being made. To get in touch with the company, call +995322001001 or write to To find out more information about Moneza and their services, visit their website