Vivus is a short term online loan brand that belongs to a company called “4Finance” that is one of the biggest players in this short term loan market. 4Finance company was started in Latvia and over the years have accumulated more than 1.3 million customers in more than 13 countries including Georgia. Vivus has become a leading player in Georgian online loan niche because of their great loan agreements, fast performance and flawless customer service. You can request a loan 24/7 from their website but if you borrow in the night you will have to wait till the morning for their customer service to approve your loan application. Their working hours are from 8:00 till 22:00 (Monday to Friday) and from 9:00 till 22:00 in weekends and holidays. If you need to contact their customer service you can do it by calling to (032) 2473737 or writing an email to “” but you can also go to their website and use that custom online chat application if you need an instant replay to your questions. is constantly evolving and making your experience better and better and they are also sponsoring a lot of different sporting events and lotteries. Vivus has probably the best loan terms and is an industry leader in this niche so keep that in mind when comparing it to other companies.


Vivus Offers their customers short term online loans from 50 up to 650 Lari and a repayment term from 1 to 30 days. First time customers can get a loan up to 250 GEL without any additional interest and that means you will have to pay back only the amount that you borrowed. With each subsequent loan you can increase you ability to borrow money and with the second loan you can borrow up to 450 Lari but from the third loan upward you can get that maximum amount of 650 GEL. This increasing borrowing program is required so that the company is certain you can pay back your loans and that you will not default on your payments!

If you can’t pay back the money that you borrowed in time you can use their loan extension option where by paying a small sum of money you can extend that loan term for up to 30 days. If you borrow 250 GEL then your extension options are:

  • 7 Days – that will cost you 19 GEL (2.7 Lari each day),
  • 14 Days – that will cost you 29 GEL (2 Lari each day),
  • 30 Days – that will cost you 48 GEL (1.6 Lari each day).
vivus rapayment plan*რეკლამა

From these numbers you can see that by extending your loan for longer periods you can reduce that cost that you pay for each day but be careful as you can’t request back that money if you pay your loans earlier!

And to top it all off there is also a loyalty program where you can get up to 20% discount on your next loans. With this program when you reach your 4. borrowing you will get a 10% discount, then when you get to the 6. borrowing you will get a 15% discount but from the 7. onward you will get a 20% discount. And with this discount you will get the lowest interest rate for all the online lenders.

How to borrow?

To borrow money from you have to choose the amount and repayment term and then supply all the necessary information that is requested so that the company can check that informations accuracy before approving your loan request. After you have supplied your information you will have to do a payment of 1 tetri(white) to the companies bank account so that they can approve your application and get your exact bank account number where to send your borrowed money. This process will take less than 15 minutes and you will get an SMS notification when that money is transferred to your bank account. You will also need a valid Georgian bank account as well as a phone number and a valid ID document. To get one of these online loans you have to also be at least 20 years old and not older than 65. Their age programs are as follows:

  • From ages 20 to 21 you can borrow from 100 to 300 Lari,
  • From ages 22 to 24 you can borrow from 200 to 500 Lari,
  • From ages 25 to 65 you can borrow from 250 to a maximum of 650 Lari.

Summarizing it all together you can see that Vivus is a great company and they have one of the lowest interest rates comparing them to other quick loan companies. Vivus will give you the first loan without any interest as well as will let you borrow up to 650 Lari and these reasons alone are enough for you to consider this lender as your main option for emergency loans!