This question is a very interesting thought experiment that can make you think about your life goals as well as how much money you would need to be happy and to stop working all-together. Usually when you ask someone what is his number he will think that you are asking what is the number that he likes the most but actually what you want to know is how much money should be enough to effectively start the retirement and stop working. Many people have various answers and where one wants a million Lari there others just want a salary of 1000 Lari and that is enough for them. The thought experiment of thinking about what is your number can be a great way how to find what you really want in life and to start working for that goal.

Monthly salary

Most of us receive a monthly salary and that is why we usually think in terms of how much money we need to sustain our lifestyle. If you earn 3000 lari each month and that is enough to sustain your living expenses as well as give you some freedom then this number may be enough for you. And if you could get a monthly passive income that is around 3000 to 5000 Lari then you should be happy with your life. But some people will want more and even a 10000 Lari each month would no be enough for them. That is why each and every person should think about this subject long and hard and understand how much money you want and then start working towards this goal.


One number

If you would win the lottery or Bill Gates would give you one wish that you could get as much money as you want what would be your number? A million lari? 10 million lari? Or a billion lari? If you could get your hands on a fortune that big then you will not need to work for a wage anymore and you could start enjoying life. If you think how much money you would need to do that you can use the 4% rule that states that If you invest your money you can get an average return rate of about 4% annually. So if you suddenly won the lottery and got 1 million GEL and invested it all then the average yearly return would be about 40000 GEL or a monthly income of about 3333 GEL. For most people that amount of money would be enough to sustain their lifestyle but if you need more then you can calculate how much you should need to earn to live comfortably.

Of course this is only a thought experiment and no one in their right mind would give you that kind of money for nothing. And if you want to earn a fortune that big you will need to make your own company and work for years or climb up the corporate ladder in a multi national corporation. And even if you don’t get money to fulfill your dreams you can at least start working in an industry that you feel worthy at and where you can enjoy the things that you do not just work because you need that money.