Student loans are becoming increasingly popular not just in Georgia but in most countries around the world and that means more and more people are coming out from collages with a massive debt load on their backs. Because universities are so popular and degrees in various fields allow people to get better paying jobs for most people the ability to get into these higher education institutions is a miracle. That is because some 10 to 30 years in the past only the best students in the class went to universities and the rest had to work low paying jobs in order to supports themselves and their families. And if we look at student loans from this perspective then they look quite appealing but there are also some very dark sides to this practice. Because a degree from a university can cost as much as a house or a flat in the city, students after finishing their degrees have to work really hard to repay these debts. And because at first most of us have to start from the bottom and work ourselves up in most of the companies the pay in those first few years is usually very minimal. And when you have to pay a part of that minimal salary to your lender then managing your finances can become a big burden.

To pay back your student loans you will need a lot of determination and hard work and because you can’t get out of student loans even when you declare bankruptcy then you will have to find the money to repay them!


Here are some of the tips that can help you repay these loans:

  • Make a plan – The first thing you need to do is to create a plant how to pay back your loans. If you have a concrete plant and you can clearly see the end goal then it will be easier to follow your plant. But if you don’t have a plan then you can easily spend your money elsewhere and in the long run loose a lot of money with all those interest payments.
  • Be frugal – To pay back your loans you will have to be very frugal and I know that this probably is a very exciting time as you are just starting your adult life and want to spend that first money that you earn on things that you have always wanted. But keep in mind that you have very large student debt and it won’t pay for itself so try to be frugal and save as much as you can.
  • Pay back your loans faster – To get the least amount of interest payments it is best not just simply pay the minimum monthly payment but to pay back your loan as fast as possible. If you set goals and are living frugally then every month you will be able to set aside much more than the minimum payment and with that kind of attitude you can repay your student loans in as little as 3 to 5 years.
  • Create automatic payments – And another great thing you can do is to create automatic payments that will be automatically deducted from you bank account as soon as you get your salary. This way when you don’t even see the money it will be much easier to give it away as when you try to save money all month long and pay that loan at the end of the month you will most likely fail at making those payments.
  • Don’t get more debt – When you are starting your adult life you will have endless possibilities to borrow money starting from mortgages and car loans to short term loans and credit cards. But I would advise not to get deeper into debt as long as you have those student loans and only when you have repaid them then you can start thinking about those other loans.

Paying back your student loans is not easy but the sooner you manage to do that the more money you will save and if you invest that saved up money in yourself or your businesses then you can quickly earn more money and become financially independent without the need to take out more loans.