The Company

“CCLoan” is an organisation, which issues online loans. Company’s objective is to make maximum comfort and availability for its clients. Company is founded in the year of 2014 by the company “Continental City Credit”, which is operating on the financial market since 2012. “CCLoan” started to operate in Ukraine, on April 2016. Headquarters of “CCLoan” are located in 63 Kostava st. Tbilisi, Georgia. Company employs more than hundred employees.
“CCLoan” is an international financial company, which offers modern and simple online services connected with micro-lending. “CC Loan” offers an opportunity to get the loan on your bank account within a couple of minutes wherever you are at that moment. Company’s purpose is to offer their clients high quality and convenient service and to make the borrowing process as easy and fast as possible.



“CCLoan” offers online loans, which can be from several hundreds to several thousands, and their repayment term is usually 30 days or one month. Everything you need to get the loan is your bank account or payment card, internet access, identity documents as well as mobile phone.
Services of “CCLoan” has high standards of personal data protection – website encrypts the data of clients, which meets the requirements of international rules of information security. You can be sure that your information, which is shown on company’s website, will not be exposed to third persons without your permission.
All you have to do to get the loan is to register on company’s website, fill the empty fields of the form, agree with the conditions of the contract and conditions of the lending as well as accept the processing of personal data.
With the help of special calculator you can independently calculate the loan and send an application with the desired amount of loan and repayment term. “CCLoan” will evaluate your application within 10 minutes. If your application will be approved, soon you will get the loan on your bank account.
It is also possible to extend the repayment time for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 days if because of some reasons you do not have possibilities to repay the loan in time. In order to avoid a damage of your credit history and penalty fees because of delayed payments, it is recommended to use an opportunity of repayment time extension.
Company guarantees that all the information connected with the loan is transparent and shown in the lending contract. After the registration every client has its own profile on website where it can see its debt at that moment. If the client has an opportunity to repay the loan before the term, it has to pay only for those interests that relate to the usage time of the loan without paying any commission for early repayment.
Talking about interest rates, when the client borrows the money for the first time, the annual percentage rate or, in other words, APR is 240,12%. If the client delays the repayment terms and ignores its responsibilities, an interest rates is increased to 3% per day. If the client regularly and abusing delays the payments, its personal information is included in debtors register, which negatively affects its possibilities to get any loan from banks or other lending organizations in the future. The client also can face the debt collectors or, in worst case, the court.


More information about “CCLoan” and its products you can find, visiting its website You can also contact the company, calling +38 (044) 222-77-33 or writing on Company’s address is Klovski Spusk 7A, Kiev, Ukraine, 01021.