The Company is Georgian finance company, which is founded in the year of 2013 or, to be more precise, on 26th August 2013 and which uses technology to satisfy customer’s financial needs in a transparent, convenient, and responsible way. Company serves their clients via brand – – , offering both short term loans and long term loans like fast loans and consumer loans. Company’s products are real time, 24/7 and entirely online and mobile. Headquartered out of Tbilisi and backed by leading investors, has become one of the leading companies in Georgia.
The idea of company and its products arose because of real problems that Georgian people meet everyday – everyone can face unplanned expenses in their life, but traditional lenders like banks often do not want to lend the money for such reasons, or the lending process in banks are too complicated and bureaucratic, but the money is needed right now. To solve these problems, company created customer-friendly, simplified and less bureaucratic service – online loans which are easily and quickly available for almost everyone who immediately needs the money. Company has a slogan which can be defined as “For responsible relationships”. Support staff of informs their clients about all details connected with the loan in order to help the client to make the right decision.


Products offers both short term loans and long term loans like payday loans and consumer loans. Mentioned payday loans are also called fast loans or online loans – fast loans are loans which are issued within 15 minutes and are meant for short term like 30 days or one month. Online loans serve an opportunity to save the time and the money, without leaving your home or any other place from which you send an application. These loans are available only for those who are older than 20 years. When applying for a loan, remember that you have to clearly know your objective for which this loan will be used. Payday loans are meant only for urgent situations when you have no time to borrow a regular loan from the bank and when you need a quick and effective financial support. has three different products, which differ from each other with the amount of the loan, the repayment term, the monthly and the annual interest rate, additional fees, and penalty fees. If you want to get the loan from, you have to be employed, you have to have an income and active bank account, you have to be at least 21 years old, and your credit history has to be positive. In order to get the loan, you have to choose the desired amount of the loan and the repayment term in special loan calculator. When you will approve your desires, you will have to write your personal data and contact information. During the filling of application you will have to write your bank account and send some money to the lender in order to check whether your bank account is real and correct. When it will be done, you will have to wait for the answer which will be sent in the form of the message. If your application will be approved, you will get the money on your bank account, or you can get in touch with nearest branch and withdraw cash, showing identity documents.


The company is located in Asatinai 36 A, Tbilisi, Georgia, and you can get in touch with it, calling +995 322 42 42 62 or writing You can also visit its website to find more information about and their products.