In out everyday life we have many small purchases that we need to make starting from buying food to other essential life things to some not so essential things like cable television, entertainment and other services. But apart from these smaller expenditures there are some really big purchases that you need to make starting from a home and a car to some household appliances a computer or even a smartphone that has become an integral part of out existence. But all these things usually are too expensive for you to just go and buy them and that is why people choose to take on debt to finance these purchases. But debt is not sustainable long term solution and it is much better to save money and only when you have the required amount then do your purchases.

Saving money is not easy but neither are paying monthly debt payments and when you save money you will not have to pay interest payments and if you create a bank deposit you can even earn interest on your savings. But you have to first make the switch between a debt mindset to a savings mindset and then start setting your savings goals. But you can do that only when you have managed to balance your budget because you will not be able to save money if you need to borrow more and more online loans each month to fill your personal budget deficit.


When you have balanced your budget you can start saving whatever you can and you don’t need to save large sums of money to get to your savings goals. Even if you can manage to save 1 Lari in your first month you will most likely increase that number and in no time at all you will be saving 5 Lari and then 10 Lari each month and by continuously increasing that amount you will get to your goals faster. Of course it does not seem like much if you can save only 10 GEL each month but you need 1000 GEL to buy a thing that you want. With that rate it would take you 10 years to save up that money but I can guarantee that with time as you progress and get more comfortable spending less and saving more you will definitely increase that amount and most likely meet your deadline not just in 10 years but 1 or 2 years. The hardest part usually is to start saving and when you have started then it will get easies and easier.

Usually saving money is not a financial decision but a mental commitment because we always have some money and if you really want to save then you will find ways how to do that. But if you haven’t set your priorities straight then you will never reach your goals and as soon as you get some additional funds you will spend them. That is why you should think long and hard about why you really want to save that money and when the “Why” becomes stronger the “How” keep getting easier.